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We are the world leaders in waterproof cases and waterproof bags for beach, boat and whatever life throws at you. Our Waterproof Backpacks and waterproof duffels are used by athletes and sportspeople worldwide. Whether out at sea, in the pool or on the slopes our waterproof iPhone and iPad cases keep it dry and protect the things you love the most. With over 75 waterproof solutions to choose from in a variety of colours, there’s something for everyone.

Overboard Waterproof Bags and Cases
Aquamarina Inflatables ISUP & Boats

With Aquamarina its not just about faster boards or boats. There is more than just the products, everything is bound by one simply thought, a laser focus on our mission: we strive to be the global leader in leasure water sport activity. The Aquamarina brand is built on passion for water sport activity and enjoying a healthy lifestyle while embracing the outdoors.

Our boats are designed and built to stand up to the toughest environments yet compliment any yacht with style or perfect as your primary boat. Dark Grey/Light Grey material has been chosen to give a unique combination of style, yet keeping dirt & stains under control. Your tender should always look great, and our models can be used in both yacht & commercial environments.

Oceanair Aluminum Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats
Luminair LED lighting Solutions

Our goal at Oceanair Technologies in creating Luminair LED lighting is to maximize energy efficiency and quality. LED lighting is in high demand due to its outstanding illumination per watt of energy. We are pleased to offer this range to you in a quality, cost effective, and attractive design.

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